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Lovely stuff for April 

This is my current eBay wishlist, mostly spring wear.
Macaron Jewelry boxes $0.91 a piece and you can pick your own color. I personally want lavender!
Sunglasses with bar $3.89 comes in 5 colors and my favorite is the pink and black version
Ethnic necklace $12.34 comes in gold and silver. I am in love with this, very Coachella statement necklace/ bohemian. I am really pondering to get this in silver
Colored sunglasses $2.78 they come in 5 shades with mirrored glasses, I really adore the purple and white versions
Statement necklace $4.73 comes in silver and gold. I want the silver version to wear on black tops with leather pants
Shell jewelry boxes $0.96 what can I say, I want to be a mermaid! 

As you can see, two pairs of sunglasses, two large Coachella necklaces and two jewelry boxes. This is my wishlist for April. What is on your eBay wishlist for this month. Also tell me bellow if one of these items is on your wishlist! I am seconds way from buying the first ethnic necklace.

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