I have to say that lately I have been obsessed with home work-outs and listing to fit radio. Normally I do not go crazy about apps and expecially not fitness apps. I am a daily user of the fitbit app and a tracker for my macro's but workout music, I had nothing till I found fit radio.

Fit radio is a music app that has everything you need, from pop to hiphop to party to country to electronic to the classics and rock. You can pick a station that has beats of 128BPM or 70-100BPM. There are so many stations to pick from and the best mixes. Also you can pick stations like 5K run or 10K run, there is a collection for heavy lifters and for people who do Zumba. You can play the station that has spin music or perhaps kickboxing. And my favorite is the tabata station that countsdown at the 20 second mark for 4 minute tracks. Not into intensive sports? They also have yoga, spa and lounge playlists.

I think it is a great app for people who work-out at home. Also it is a free app that you can get at  Itunes and Google play

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