Part 1

  • You cat stealing a bag of whey [Thief is pictured above]
  • Not finding your heart rate monitor watch and just guessing how much you burned
  • Fitbit battery that is empty without you knowing
  • And the same fitbit that is half the day in sleepmode because you forgot to tap it
  • Buying 20 packets of cottage cheese and people look at you like you are mad
  • Having to jog in place while brushing your teeth, because those fitbits steps need to be higher
  • Above cat walking in the way while I workout
  • Not finding a space to push-up because I still have not sold my old sofa's and my cats seems to claim the floor
  • Having to wash your hair daily, because daily work-outs
  • Wanting to work-out, but having troubles deciding what to do.


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