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6 pretty things.

Recently I grabbed a few things from eBay. Just random things that might or might not get their own blogpost debating on what you want to see. Leave me a comment if you really want a review for one of these items.

Because my old cover broke I got myself two covers from headcase. I have a link to the seller because they have a load of pretty covers for different kind of models. You can check them out here. I picked the two styles you can see top left in my collage. The first one reminded me of my cat and the second reminded me of a mermaid. So I had to get both, also I got a 50% discount on my second cover.

Then I got the biggest tip if you are a fitbit wearer like me. Fit Bit bands are dirty cheap on eBay. I ordered myself three colors, bright pink, mint and yellow. I feel ready for summer! These are $0.99 - $2.45

This white lace dress I already have at home. For only 8 dollar this is a lovely buy. As a dress I can not fit it but it goes perfectly with a black skirt. If you want a unique pretty blouse I would advice this one.

Headbands have been my lifesaver on bad hair days, this headband. Reminds me of a scarf and it does not slip out of your hair with

and the last was very random this bracelet was something I had to order because it is only $1.14 and pretty.


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