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Seeing 50 shades of grey is trending at the moment today I will share with you my 5 shades of grey shoes, also known as my wishlist.  I love black, grey, silver colored footwear because it will suit many outfits, you can not go wrong with these colors. I decided to mix it up with boots, sneakers and open heels. These shoes are my style and would suit my everyday look and I do hope that you also like these shoes. Also I would love it if you left in the comments what your favorite pair is. 

- These are amazing, they feature a tiny heel and three large straps. They are a classic with a modern twist. I can see myself rocking these to school paired with tight blue jeans and a black blouse.
Doc Martens 1460
- I am a boots kind of girl for school, and these Black Smooth Doc's would be perfect to wear when the weather is not that nice (Most of the time where I live) they are a classic that I would pair with black leather pants and a jeans blouse.
Nike Air Max
- The Nike Thea Law sneakers are perfect for everyday wear, they are more special than plain old sneakers but they are not extreme thanks to the monochrome.
- These are a tad more fancy then the Nike sneakers, the silver really stands out and I like the way 
- The ankle boots are very modern, I like that it is a new twist on gladiator sandals but more suited for spring.  I also really like the grey color and black heel.

I am torn on what my next pair of shoes should be, what is your favorite pair?


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