These pictures where of my elf costume

Best things ever

  1. How not to wear make-up. Valentines edition
  2. My cat trying to steal my biscuit
  3. And the same cat prefering to steal lettuce while there was also chicken.
  4. My train leaving the station late because the conductor had the impression that he had a break. But props for him being so honest to intercom it all over the train.
  5. Somebody posting "You look pretty" on an instagram picture of my cat.
  6. My fitbit app telling me that I killed it today
  7. Going to a lecture and people dancing to the sound of a phone that just went off
  8. The excitement that soon it will be carnival
  9. This Devonne by Demi Tutorial - Her face is priceless
  10. My mom telling my dad that he can not buy a new camera, then turning to me telling me that I can. #Soon
  11. And as a bonus, the guy who gave me flowers during the parade


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