January I found a few favorites.first on my list are my two pandora rings with stones. They fit every outfit and look really pretty. One day I would want a whole hand full of these rings, or similar rings.I am only sad that my birthstone does not have the most pretty color stone.

My most worn make-up product has to be Maybelline dream pure 8-in-1 BB cream. It is a great product that fits my skin tone perfectly and covers my bright red cheeks. Also I feel like it prevents zits because I have not gotten a spot since I started to use this. It is an amazing product.

Alverde fixing spray started as something that I did not like, the scent made me sneeze the moment I sprayed my face and it ruined my make-up. After that I returned to my old setting spray, till I decided to spray this on less pigmented eyeshadow/my brush and see how that works. It perfect to intensify shadows and make them last longer.

Fitness related is my fitbit, a nice little bracelet that I payed €69 for. It tracks my steps and more. It kept me motivated walking trough January and a review will follow soon.

I bought two little useful items in January. One is a card holder and the other is a little bag. Both black with hope written on it.  I got these at a discount store for under a euro, but these look more expensive right?

Also I had to include my most worn nail polish color.Underwater Laugh by Catrice. From the Le Grand Crue limited edition collection.

Perhaps a tad late, what was your January favorite?


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