• Spotting a load of untouched make-up in the discount bin for only €1.00 and discovering at the register that it also has an extra 50% discount
  • Walking into a store and finding the Pandora ring that was discontinued or I somehow had that idea
  • My mom who bought me colored eggs, they are so much more fun to eat, who cares if it is not Easter yet
  • Reaching 8000+ steps on my fitbit [a review will follow soon]
  • My friend telling me I am more then my weight and perception of myself
  • Finishing my essay in 1 day while I had the idea that I would need at least 3 days
  • Cutting my hair because the lower part of my hair was really dead, but in the end people did not notice the massive amount of hair my hairdresser cut of. 
  • My cat acting strange infront of the camera
  • Katy Perry her halftime show during the superbowl the outfits and show...a-ma-zing!
  • This week I gained over 20 followers on Instagram
What made your week?


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