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Corsets, we all see the same thing when we think about corsets. Tiny waists and some restriction in breathing. But actually corsets are trending at the moment, they can be a great tool to get a waist, but you need to do it the right way. I know some people who wear a corset day and night and the be honest for a newbie that is not the right way to go.  I am not a professional and I do not know everything about corsets and corset training, yet I want to tell you about my experience.
I ordered a stretch corset from eBay, these are not the best corsets but the one I found is decent especially for a starter who is new in the whole world of corset training. The corset is cheaply priced and have 4 steel spring boning. Most ‘fashion’ corsets have plastic boning that will bend out of shape or even break. You want something strong and that would be steel. I am personally not a big fan of the spring boning, I would have preferred one with normal steel boning but they were out of my price range at the time. As I said the corset I ordered is great for a beginner.

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