So I have a new camera, I think many know that I have a large Canon 1000D and it serves me well to take product pictures.  I am still debating if I want to review my new camera, the samsung NX mini. But today this blogpost will feature my snapshots that I took this week. It was so fun having my camera with me and taking pictures, I do have to admit that I still need to get the hang of it...kind of awkward to pull out my camera, but I am learning. So read more for all my pictures of the week!

Last week I started to get hooked on Melon, I am not sure of the name but I think it is called galia melon. But I am not really into melon names, I call it the yellow melon and it is my favorite next to watermelon. I also bought the nice sandals that you can see above, they where original somewhere round 75 euro, I payed 10 euro for these lovely summer shoes. Also most sandals that I own hurt like hell and these are not as far as I can judge after wearing them once. Also I needed to include a picture of my cat. 

This week I got some nice lashes from bourjois, I got them for super cheap and I needed to test them out. The eye shadow was also an experiment I wanted to try something bold. I am really hatting the lipstick, the color looked really great as swatch but on my face it looks like horror. Also the lipstick is from P2's new limited edition and I will have a blogpost up soon. 

I really wanted to do a 'what I eat' kind of blogpost, but after one day I failed. I got breakfast and then I forgot. But you can see my 'pre-meal' I always start with a wheat grass shot and when I have time I start with water and lemon. But most of the time I do not have time to spare and I just take a bottle with lemon water with me to school. Breakfast was a piece of bread with philadelphia salmon and some chive and then I have some cottage cheese with yogurt dressing. Very easy but tasty breakfast. Also this week I got a can of she, I had a long day with loads of stress and then I like to switch up my normal water drinks up with one can of she. It gives me life!

I also tried something new this week, I curled my hair with a curling iron and then I directly pinned it up. I am not really sold on this because my hair was really messy as you can see in the picture, not really the curls that I wanted. But it is a good way to curl your hair on days that you need to get up early and want curly hair. You can curl it a day in advance and in the morning you just take out the pins and give your hair a good combing job. 

I did some shopping in Germany and I got myself the new limited edition Twix cappuccino.  Not really a fan of Twix or candybars but I really wanted to try this because I love things with coffee flavor. What is actually a funny thing because I do not drink coffee, not even Starbucks.  Also I took a silly from where I am standing shot and I failed at it. And the last picture is a mess of new summer bracelets that I bought. For summer I really love an arm-party. 

The next pictures are really random, I am hooked on sims 4. I got a nice little game going on and I love it. I got a new shakes and protein shakes from myprotein. I got chocolate orange and the taste is amazing! Because I workout almost daily and I want to hit my macro's I occasionally add a whey shake. Also as a small disclaimer, whey shakes are something to add and do not go instead of regular food. Also before you order really read so you know what it is. I also tried a sample of the cushion foundation from Lancome, the shade was to dark so I will not be posting a review. But my first impression what that this product was far to dewy for me. 

And last but not least my make-up look of the day.  I have to admit that this picture was taking after the day, so my eye shadow is smudged and the eyeliner looks horrible. But I wanted to share because the color eyeshadow is stunning! #Sleek

So that was my collection of pictures for the week. What do you think about these posts.
Would you like to see it weekly? Monthly?

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