ebelin DM nailpolish remover nail polish

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I do not ask for a lot of things, but I get intensely happy for easy ways to remove nail polish, that and a good pizza. I was debating on writing this blog post, why would people want to read about a nail polish remover. Still I decided to write about this one because I feel not so many people know how these things work, or even that these things exist. 

ebelin DM nailpolish remover nail polish

I used to be a normal person removing nail polish the old fashion with, just use some remover on a cotton bud and then scrub my nail. It was hell when I had glitter on. Then I found out about acetone remover so much faster but so much harsher on your nails. In the end I think I found my price charming when it comes to nail polish removers. It is a jar with some kind of foam inside. You stick in your finger, you twist and then you pull out your clean nail. I only wished that they would make these things so I could fit all five nails in at once. Glitter is no problem when it comes to this, even if it does not contain acetone. I bought my jar at DM, from their own brand Ebelin but so many brands have these like:
Models own €6.84
Bourjois €8.21
Ciate €8.22
Bourjois €6.84

ebelin DM nailpolish remover nail polish

Expecially with swatching a lot of colors I found out that I loved this kind of remover jar. It gets my nails cleaned really fast. 

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