I am really excited to write this blogpost, because I am moving . I just bought http://dennamichelle.nl/ and I will be blogging in English and Dutch at my new little space online.
My bloglovin followers will also be moved to my new blog and I hope you will enjoy!

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Toni and guy Toni&Guy Marchesa limited edition damaged hair shampoo

Cleanse shampoo for damaged hair 

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary and new collection at London Fashion Week, British design partners Marchesa have partnered with TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe to create a new Limited Edition range. I have the shampoo from this range and I have been testing it. I adore Georgina Chapman who is a judge on project runway and I think the design on this bottle really screams her name.
Glitter nailart nails hexagon holografic

Review & video tutorial

Recently I got these glitters from bornprettystore. I accually really adore nail art but I never tried to use loose glitter. I had some trail and error with this product but in the end I found a foolproof way to apply these to your nails in a pretty way. I had so much filming this tutorial but I do have to admit that it was my first time and I already found a lot of things that I would love to improve. Still it is a very good video if you have some glitter powder that you want to use. Keep reading for the review and tutorial.

ebelin DM nailpolish remover nail polish

Lazy Girl Nail polish remover

I do not ask for a lot of things, but I get intensely happy for easy ways to remove nail polish, that and a good pizza. I was debating on writing this blog post, why would people want to read about a nail polish remover. Still I decided to write about this one because I feel not so many people know how these things work, or even that these things exist. 
Stormy mirage lipstick P2 beauty goes safari light pink

Stormy Mirage / Illusion

One of my biggest flaws is that I often grab and run when I buy lipsticks, no need to swatch just look and pay. I already knew that I wanted a lipstick from Beauty goes Safari the new limited edition from P2. There are three shades in the collection coral, red and the one I picked a light pink. You can see all colors here. I first had the idea that Stormy mirage [or illusions as the shade is listed on the site] was a lavender shade but it is a very light pink. 

dark red nails tattoo feather triangle silver black gold flash flashtattoo

Super cheap and pretty

Let me start by saying I am sorry that this blogpost is so image heavy. I snapped a lot of pictures because I wanted to show the true potential of this product. And because there so so many designs I decided to take a lot of pictures. Before asking you to read more, I want to point out that these sheets are $0.82 what is super cheap.

Maybelline super stay forever strong 7 days gel nail color rouge couture 287 midnight red flash tattoo red nails silver ring feather

Rouge Couture - 287 -  Midnight Red

Last month I was talking with my mom that my nail polish stay is to large to handle, I might said "I will not buy any new nail polish!" Looking back I am a weak person because this month I bought two new polishes, but they were a euro cheaper so I had to take advantage. I bought two polishes from Maybelline. As you can see I got Rouge couture midnight red a stunning blood red shade. I also have Mint for life, I am not sure if I will be showing that one off in a blogpost or keep it for a nail art. But today I want to show off my favorite new nail polish. 

nail art nailart stickers gold red crushed crystals love heart gold valentinesday manicure

Gold stickers for nailart

Today I have a blogpost that took me days to make. I tried out so many combination of nail art and I picked my top three for this review. I had some trail and error with these but in the end I had so much with this and it looked amazing. I made the love inspired nailart that you can see above, and after the cut I have a holiday themed manicure and some mermaid nail art. So keep on reading!


So I have a new camera, I think many know that I have a large Canon 1000D and it serves me well to take product pictures.  I am still debating if I want to review my new camera, the samsung NX mini. But today this blogpost will feature my snapshots that I took this week. It was so fun having my camera with me and taking pictures, I do have to admit that I still need to get the hang of it...kind of awkward to pull out my camera, but I am learning. So read more for all my pictures of the week!

revlon beauty lipstick lipgloss sunbaked kylie jenner

Can I say Kylie Jenner lip color?

As I said in my last lipgloss review, I am not a lipgloss kind of girl yet it seems like I am still buying loads. I tend to wear gloss when I have my hair up because nothing is more horrible then hair sticking to your lips. Still I needed this in my life because I found a discount and it reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lipcolor that everybody is raving about. 

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