nail decals key lock black white

Keys and locks

Recently I got very pretty nail decals from Bornprettystore. I got one sheet with a variety of locks, keys and some crosses. All black nail decals so I can do a lot of different styles with this, you can go full summer with bright neon's but also classy black on white. You can add only one to your nails but you can also go wild and make your all over print. So enough blabbering in my intro, read more for information and of coarse, pictures!

nail decals key lock black white
nail decals key lock black white

A sheet like the one I got is currently on sale for $0.99 while normally it goes for $2.53 and you can get it at this link here. I picked the simple black option but there are also options that feature a lot of color. The sheet I have has 46 figures on it so can do a lot of nail-art with this one sheet of decals. It does feature three larger images that I am pretty sure will be amazing for my thumbs. The fun thing is that normally I go for two decals on my thumb because I always wanted to cover most part of my nail. And with these large heart locks I am sure it covers a large portion of my nail. Also it features a lot of tiny keys that are perfect for my pinkie.

nail decals key lock black white

Now let me talk a bit about applying these nail decals, I am saving for a videocamera and this is a moment where I wished that I could film this because it was super easy and fast. You cut out what you want on your nail, for my ring finger I cut out a portion with two keys because I wanted them aligned the way they looked on the sheet. Then you toss it in a bit of water, you take it out and just press it on your nail and it transfers. It is very easy and fast. The thing that I adore is that it looks like you spend ages on it, it is so detailed. Also the decals are pitch black meaning they will pop out on every nail color even darker shades. Also these transfer without leaving out details, it is a clean crisp high quality transfer.

nail decals key lock black white pink silver

With the code DIB10 you will get a 10% discount at Bornprettystore
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