Pandora heart ring silver stones jewelry

Lovely new ring

Today an other piece to my Pandora jewelry collection, people might know about my little Pandora obsession. I love to collect this jewelry and lately I have been loving rings. I already told you in my last blogpost about Pandora that I bought a new ring for myself. This is also a heart ring like the last ring, but this is an open ring. So keep reading to know more about this Pandora Heart Ring also this should be a great mothers day gift. 

Pandora heart ring silver stones jewelry

Many people tell me that Pandora is way overpriced and I do think that you are paying for the brand but I think that the price is worth it. I do not mind paying for quality and unique jewelry, I can see myself wearing this ring for many more years. I payed €50 for this ring and I ordered it from the Pandora e-store. The box the ring is laying on is also from Pandora, it is sturdy and pretty and I just love this heart ring.

It does slightly remind me of an engagement ring or a gift from a lover, but I bought this for myself. Because I am a single lady! This ring sadly enough does not feature diamonds but it has cubic zircon and to me it shines like a diamond. But this ring could also be an amazing gift, not only to your significant other but also this Pandora ring would be an amazing mothers day gift. But I am personally keeping this heart ring for myself because I have been looking for a rather long time for an open ring. The ring is silver not silver plated and with cubic zircon and I have been loving this for everyday wear

Pandora heart ring silver stones jewelry stack

What do you think about my new Pandora open heart ring with tiny gemstones? 


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