My galaxy lipgloss

At times you feel like you should step out of your comfort zone and just buy something you would never buy. I went for a lip gloss from Collistar their shock line. They have 8 shocking glosses and I decided to go for a decent shocking color, fuchsia. The tube reminded me of a galaxy and I needed to have this in my collection. I am not sure yet what kind of occasion would justify me wearing this, but I will be sure to find one.

Collistar is a brand that oozes class, the package is really luxe and I have to admit that I adore lipsticks and lip glosses that come in a package. And collistar really nails the package game with a simple white glossy package with gold details. Also the tube is really unique, it curves and I personally think that the gold is stunning. I often feel that brands go for gold and it turns out cheap, this does not. 

Collistar is kind of an expensive brand this lipgloss is €19.50 for 7ml. And because I almost never buy lipgloss [not a sticky products kind of girl because my hair will stick in it] but as I said I really wanted this. I had a discount coupon so I did get it a tad cheaper. Still this is a lovely special occasion product. It is just eyecandy! 

As you can see it is more dark on the lips then on the tube, this product also leaves a massive stain. This is not kissproof and I would not advice kissing people while wearing this. Also I am not personally fond of the way it seems to apply, it is very sticky and hard to apply clean. I do think that this is a lovely product for when it is sunny outside, as you can see the moment the flash hits it you see a load of purple shimmer and I think that is the best thing that this lipgloss has to offer.

Is it a stunning product? Yes
Is it a unique lipgloss? Yes.
Is it worth the price? No I do not think so.

What do you think about this? Would you wear it?
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