lantern fruit wtf what the fruit physalis bladdercherry vitamin berry

Lantern fruit

Are also called Physalis or the sexy name...bladder cherry.  It is a fruit that you can eat but they are also used as ornamental plants. These berries have calcium, iron, vitamin A en C. This berry grows all year round in Columbia, but I bought this in Germany because I felt this looked funky enough for a blogpost.
list week camera selfie girl cat false lashes

This week I bought a new camera, I experimented with my hair and I got nice ideas for a new blog style.
  • Getting 40 likes on instagram on a selfie, I never expected that. [on this picture.]
  • Finding Maybelline Super Stay 7 nail polish on sale, I got mint for life & Midnight red
  • Finding out that the Samsung NX mini was 100 euro cheaper then normal
  • Finding out that if I leave purple shampoo in my hair for 45 minutes my hair turns an amazing shade of gray/silver/white blonde. Also it is cheaper and better then dye.
  • This video of a great man being nice to an autistic child
  • Discovering a new Pokemon game for the 3DS, it is called rumble word and it is highly addictive
  • Getting my two statement necklaces just in time for a party.
  • I also got three new packages for false lashes, and I am in love! I never wore false lashes but it looks really lovely when taking pictures as you can see above. Also I never wear light lipstick, but the above picture is for a review.
Also not part of my list, but I want to mention that I need to improve my blog. The lay-out has been bothering me and I have been playing around with more black and white and less color. I want to make a more mature theme for my blog. Also I am dabbling with an own domain and I hope to get it online on my birthday. 6th of July! But it could also be after that because I have school and I need to finish a lot of things. 
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My galaxy lipgloss

At times you feel like you should step out of your comfort zone and just buy something you would never buy. I went for a lip gloss from Collistar their shock line. They have 8 shocking glosses and I decided to go for a decent shocking color, fuchsia. The tube reminded me of a galaxy and I needed to have this in my collection. I am not sure yet what kind of occasion would justify me wearing this, but I will be sure to find one.


Today I have an update article for you. A nice little article that tells you [with perhaps some moving images] what new items there are in store and I have a nice little free website for mothers-day. So keep on reading and check it out! 

mint nail art nailart hearts bornprettystore born pretty store teal cute lovely

Mint hearts

I got an other lovely plastic container full of mint hearts that are made for nail-art or decorating your stuff. Today i am going to show you how I used this and with what color nail polishes I paired these cute little hearts. It was my first time trying to glue something like this to my nails, so I had some trail and error trying to make these look amazing. I am really happy with the end result and these tiny heart decorations for nail art. So keep on reading.

Addicted to metal

This week I ordered two statement necklaces and the week before that I also ordered one. I am really hooked on metal round my neck for spring. It can be classy but still while look unique. I decided to make a blogpost featuring my favorite neckcandy, I think it is really inspiring and In hope you do feel the same...

nail decals key lock black white

Keys and locks

Recently I got very pretty nail decals from Bornprettystore. I got one sheet with a variety of locks, keys and some crosses. All black nail decals so I can do a lot of different styles with this, you can go full summer with bright neon's but also classy black on white. You can add only one to your nails but you can also go wild and make your all over print. So enough blabbering in my intro, read more for information and of coarse, pictures!

Day-cream SPF 25

Recently I received DR van der Hoog CC day cream with SPF 25. I am going to start with saying that I took no pictures of me wearing this product because I got medium and my skin really needs light. Still I wanted to show you how this product looks and tell you a bit about it because it is a great product. I am only to light for it at the moment for the medium shade.

In love with amber for spring

Amber is fossilized tree resin and I always felt like I should own something with this stone. My mother has a pair of earrings with these stones and I wanted to own my own. While my mom has long drop earrings I decided to get myself some tiny studs. Something to wear everyday and I need to admit that these are really expensive. You can see my studs above, but if you click read more you will see a lot of budget amber earrings. From long earrings to tiny studs.

Intensely nourished hair

Toni & Guy nourish reconstruction mask for intensely nourished hair, it is a very long name and I prefer to call this my go-to-hair-mask for when my hair needs a boost. My hair is dyed to white blonde and I tend to curl it from time to time, to keep my hair healthy I need a good hair mask once in a while. I do believe that Toni & Guy is an great brand with salon quality products.
polette butterfly sunglasses glasses sunshine floral flowers pandora heart pandora moonstone opal

Polette Butterfly

Recently I got the chance to order a pair of sunglasses from Polette, a site that I discovered on instagram. I fell in love with the stylish sunglasses and normal glasses. I wear my glasses daily and I love the fact that on Polette you can get a modern pair of glasses for a soft price. With the first rays of sunshine hitting Holland I decided to go for sunglasses. And I am in love!

ebay necklace sunglasses cheap jewelry boxes shell macaron statement necklace ethnic boho coachella

Lovely stuff for April 

This is my current eBay wishlist, mostly spring wear.
Macaron Jewelry boxes $0.91 a piece and you can pick your own color. I personally want lavender!
Sunglasses with bar $3.89 comes in 5 colors and my favorite is the pink and black version
Ethnic necklace $12.34 comes in gold and silver. I am in love with this, very Coachella statement necklace/ bohemian. I am really pondering to get this in silver
Colored sunglasses $2.78 they come in 5 shades with mirrored glasses, I really adore the purple and white versions
Statement necklace $4.73 comes in silver and gold. I want the silver version to wear on black tops with leather pants
Shell jewelry boxes $0.96 what can I say, I want to be a mermaid! 

As you can see, two pairs of sunglasses, two large Coachella necklaces and two jewelry boxes. This is my wishlist for April. What is on your eBay wishlist for this month. Also tell me bellow if one of these items is on your wishlist! I am seconds way from buying the first ethnic necklace.

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April #1

Recently I was added to some press lists, and because at the moment I feel that I get enough emails with information I decided to share it in a new kind of article. I have been dabbling with how I want to present the news to you all because I personally hate blog posts with just boring old images and information. I wanted to have playful collages, some animated and some not animated. Also I decided not to put in everything that is new, but only the things that I am excited about or what catches my interest. It is just a nice fun article with a lot of new things! [Also I am not sure about News@Denna, does it sound okay?]

I have to say that lately I have been obsessed with home work-outs and listing to fit radio. Normally I do not go crazy about apps and expecially not fitness apps. I am a daily user of the fitbit app and a tracker for my macro's but workout music, I had nothing till I found fit radio.

Fit radio is a music app that has everything you need, from pop to hiphop to party to country to electronic to the classics and rock. You can pick a station that has beats of 128BPM or 70-100BPM. There are so many stations to pick from and the best mixes. Also you can pick stations like 5K run or 10K run, there is a collection for heavy lifters and for people who do Zumba. You can play the station that has spin music or perhaps kickboxing. And my favorite is the tabata station that countsdown at the 20 second mark for 4 minute tracks. Not into intensive sports? They also have yoga, spa and lounge playlists.

I think it is a great app for people who work-out at home. Also it is a free app that you can get at  Itunes and Google play

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asos jewelry wishlist necklace ring bangle bracelet layered gemstone sale

Today I have an ASOS jewelry wishlist, it includes mostly gold jewelry because I am hooked on gold for spring. I love it paired with gold. But I have to include the layered necklace from Orelia in silver because I adore it. I picked four necklaces, one bracelet and one ring. I am loving neck wear at the moment and I have always been a fan of Jewelry with text. So let us look at the links, all things on this wishlist are from ASOS and all jewelry is currently on sale.

Orelia set from €30.14 to €16.44
Mirabelle pink bead necklace from €53.01 to €24.66
Me & Zena, Do not care bracelet from €28.77 to €20.55
Me & Zena, Whatever ring from €19.18 to €13.70
Orelia Amethyst necklace from €95.89 to €52.05
Orelia Turouise necklace from €95.89 to €52.05

If I had to pick my favorite two pieces from this whole ASOS wishlist it have to be the two Orelia necklaces. The stones are amazing and I really love the layered effect. Also I love the do not care bracelet to wear to school, it is a nice reminder when lessons are boring.

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Pussy deluxe deodorant natural spray in sugar cat perfume

In sugar cat

The mature grown up women in me could not resist in buying this spray from Pussy Deluxe because: 
A: I am a crazy cat lady
B: Loving the package
C: I had no idea what a deodorant perfume spray is
D: Pussy deluxe made me smile

I bought my bottle of Pussy Deluxe Sugar Cat in Germany for €3.95 because they had a discount normally this product is €7.00 or more. 
P2 long lasting matte maxi lipstick in forever rosewood PPL feather white display DM long-lasting

Forever Rosewood

Got a secret can you keep it swear this one you'll save......Any pretty little liars in the house who love the Rosewood name of this product? I might have bought this because it is named forever rosewood. But I also think the color is very basic, just a simply matte shade for summer. I have to say that this budget lip product kind of blew me away...keep on reading.

Part 1

  • You cat stealing a bag of whey [Thief is pictured above]
  • Not finding your heart rate monitor watch and just guessing how much you burned
  • Fitbit battery that is empty without you knowing
  • And the same fitbit that is half the day in sleepmode because you forgot to tap it
  • Buying 20 packets of cottage cheese and people look at you like you are mad
  • Having to jog in place while brushing your teeth, because those fitbits steps need to be higher
  • Above cat walking in the way while I workout
  • Not finding a space to push-up because I still have not sold my old sofa's and my cats seems to claim the floor
  • Having to wash your hair daily, because daily work-outs
  • Wanting to work-out, but having troubles deciding what to do.


Pandora heart ring silver stones jewelry

Lovely new ring

Today an other piece to my Pandora jewelry collection, people might know about my little Pandora obsession. I love to collect this jewelry and lately I have been loving rings. I already told you in my last blogpost about Pandora that I bought a new ring for myself. This is also a heart ring like the last ring, but this is an open ring. So keep reading to know more about this Pandora Heart Ring also this should be a great mothers day gift. 
Toni & Guy Volume texture mattifying powder texture sculpting powder hair product

Mattifying volume & texture

I got a surprise box with some Toni & Guy products, I payed a small amount for a full box of products. Sadly enough the box is sold out, but when I see an other similar deal I will share it om blog. Now let us talk about my two new favorite guys Toni & Guy. I have to start with saying that I am not real big on sculpting powders or other powder products, I tend to stick to dry shampoo to get volume and matte hair. But still I took the plunge and tested this Mattifying volume and texture sculpting powder from the casual line from Toni & Guy.

With Grapefruit and Lime

I never tried Dr Van Der Hoog products before but recently I got a whole set of the purity line. I first decided to review the scrub because I recently finished the L'oral cleanpod I really liked the product to use twice a week so I went out an searched for a new scrub product to replace it with. So want to hear what I think about this scrub? 

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