Kokozo juice

Recently I walked passed a rack full of strange juices, they had very pretty colors and were only €0.79. I was debating on trying to make a new kind of review article, where I try strange or interesting food products or drinks. And today I am starting with Kokozo juice.


When buying the bottles I had 5 options before me and I picked one strange one and one that was less strange. The lychee one was my strange pick because it is pink. Now pink sounds nice and cute but the question is, would you want to drink this color? Well I tried it.

Let us start with the scent, it has a very chemical scent, I also assume that it has loads of sugar/chemicals because after drinking this my head hurt. Also drinking this pink soft drink was an experience. Let me start with the parts that I chewed, it somehow has flowing gummy bits inside, I assume judging from the label it is fermented coconut water or something. Strangle enough the chewing bit was nice, the taste of the gummy bits where nice. But the drink itself was a combination of dishwater and liquid deodorant. It was something that I never tasted before and I never want to taste again. While I was attracted to this cute bottle with pink liquid I have to admit that it was horrible.


Green was the second one I drank and I was trying not to. I was trying to bribe other people to take a sip before I tried it. Because I did not want a dishwater deodorant recap. But I was so wrong, this one was actually really tasty. The taste was melon juice and I am pretty sure that it tastes like watermelon. Very refreshing and not that toxic. While pink was a 2 this drink is a strong 8.


Do you like living on the edge I would say pick a color and try it out. But I would only never recommend the pink one.

Have you tried Kokozo juice before?


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