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I am a big gemstone girl, I love the layered bohemian festival kind of look. And I keep buying different kind of gemstone pendants. I love the fact that I eBay has so many different styles, and every style comes in a variety of stones. I already showed you all my rose quartz pendulum shaped pendant and many of my favorite styles of pendant but today I want to show my pointed arrow kind of necklace.

I bought this pointed arrow kind of necklace and it was only $5.99. It is slightly more expensive then normal eBay jewelry but I think that the quality is far better then normal eBay jewelry. I can not say if it is a real gemstone, the marking and heaviness makes me feel like it could be a real one but my logic tells me that it also could be glass. It does look real so for those few dollars I really recommend it. 

What is your favorite gemstone, leave it in the comments bellow! 


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