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First try

Today I have an results article of my first time trying Syoss frozen pearl blonde. I think it is a new color because the box says "NEW, till 100% pure light intensity" but I have no information on when it came out and if it is really new because I bought this in the store myself. What I can tell you is that I always buy my hair dye in Germany, when I compare prices there and in Holland where I live it is a big difference. I payed for this box in Germany €5 and in Holland it is €11.99 so more then double the price. For results keep on reading.

I tend to read a lot of hair dye articles to see how different box dyes turn out. But I do know that many people do not want a long story about everything that went on and how they mixed and what they felt when waiting. So I am just going to list the facts what I think is important. 

  • It has a light scent, nothing to overpowering and it does not stink
  • It slightly burned after applying
  • Very easy to mix
  • Conditioner that is included is very good
  • Enough product to cover my roots and medium length hair
I just used this to cover my roots because the rest of my hair is very white. I followed the instructions and left this product on for 45 minutes and this was the result

I am not really happy with the result, it looks very yellow-tone and not normal yellow but dark yellow. Nothing like what the box promises. After taking the pictures you can see above I applied purple shampoo to try and get the yellow out but it took 2+ tries to get it somewhere close to my own hair color but I am still not happy.

The positive is that it is very easy to apply, it does not drip and it does not stink.
Yet the results are not that great. 

I am saving up for a new camera so I can film hair dye appliances and results so you can get a better picture. But it might take some time before I can buy one. But I do hope this article was helpful. 


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