ebay cat shell phonecover yellow fitbit white lace dress headband scarfheadband whitelacedress silver bangle silverbangle

6 pretty things.

Recently I grabbed a few things from eBay. Just random things that might or might not get their own blogpost debating on what you want to see. Leave me a comment if you really want a review for one of these items.

Because my old cover broke I got myself two covers from headcase. I have a link to the seller because they have a load of pretty covers for different kind of models. You can check them out here. I picked the two styles you can see top left in my collage. The first one reminded me of my cat and the second reminded me of a mermaid. So I had to get both, also I got a 50% discount on my second cover.

Then I got the biggest tip if you are a fitbit wearer like me. Fit Bit bands are dirty cheap on eBay. I ordered myself three colors, bright pink, mint and yellow. I feel ready for summer! These are $0.99 - $2.45

This white lace dress I already have at home. For only 8 dollar this is a lovely buy. As a dress I can not fit it but it goes perfectly with a black skirt. If you want a unique pretty blouse I would advice this one.

Headbands have been my lifesaver on bad hair days, this headband. Reminds me of a scarf and it does not slip out of your hair with

and the last was very random this bracelet was something I had to order because it is only $1.14 and pretty.


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The weather is getting a bit warmer and I tend to wear blouses with this weather. Normally I wear them with a statement necklace but lately that has been boring me so I googled for alternative ways to glam up my blouse. I came across these collar clips en pins from eBay. And I listed my favorites for you if you keep on reading...

New in, simple daily bracelet

My dad recently got me a new gold bracelet, as a little 'just because today was a lovely day' kind of gift. He bought for himself a thick gold bracelet and he bought me a thin one with stones. Normally I am not really a big fan of thin bracelets because they are hard to close, yet this bracelet actually is very easy to put on myself without having to beg for help. Also because it was a discount item, I am sharing links so you all can get yourself a lovely gold/silver or rose gold bracelet. 
Quaker oats havermout golden syrup bar snack fitspo fit snack

Golden Syrup oat bars

Oats, oats, oats. I am hooked on eating oats every morning and I even wrote in this blogpost about my favorite brand for oats. Today I will be taking about an other oat product that I recieved. The Golden Syrup bar. A mix of oats and honey....

Royals & Drag race

Watching tv-shows is something that I do daily. I am most of the times running something in the background while doing my make-up, eating or taking pictures. Recently one of the favorite shows had a new season and there was also a new show that I started to follow. So today I am going to tell you a bit about these two shows.

ebay earrings silver double dot

Similar to Dior Tribal

I was debating on getting real Dior Tribal earrings, but I wanted to know if I would be wearing this style of earrings so I decided to buy a pair for only $0.79 on eBay and see how much I loved wearing this. I also listed what I tought about these after wearing them for a few days and I also added cheap links to these earrings. 

Heart ring - in clear

I really wanted an open heart ring from Pandora and because there was a 50% discount that is still going on here I decided to order my mom a lovely ring. I picked a normal heart ring for her with a clear stone. This is a link to the e-store where I bought mine. This ring also comes in red and pink. But to be honest I know my mom loves the clear stone and will be wearing this more then a red or pink version. I do have to admit that the moment I got this, I debated to get myself one in pink. But that is for an other day. Let me tell you about my first experience with the Pandora e-store and 

Spam your blog

It has been a while since I let you all spam your blog and I would love to find some new blogs to follow myself. So today I have a spam your blog article. But you can also spam your instagram or twitter if you are not a blogger. 

And I will try to visit all the blogs I see here.


Sylvie nails stickers star hearts heart stars leopard

Stars, leopard and hearts

Recently when shopping in a discount store I came across Sylvie nails. I got lucky and I found packs with three styles but normally they come in a pack with only one style. I bought 5 packs of these Sylvie nails and I have 72x5 stickers so I can use these a lot. I actually have used these a few times but I felt today was the day to review these.

Very bohemian

I am a big gemstone girl, I love the layered bohemian festival kind of look. And I keep buying different kind of gemstone pendants. I love the fact that I eBay has so many different styles, and every style comes in a variety of stones. I already showed you all my rose quartz pendulum shaped pendant and many of my favorite styles of pendant but today I want to show my pointed arrow kind of necklace.

P2 rich care and color so fresh 040 oxygen nailpolish nail polish mint

040 So fresh

So fresh has been in my collection for a while. I was debating on reviewing it because it is a polish that I grab once in a while. The color is not that great as you can see in the swatches, but I do think that this polish or an other color of this collection would be a great staple in your nail polish stash when you wear a lot of nail polish. 
maybelline color drama pink so chic lip pencil lippencil

Intense velvet lip pencil: Pink so chic

I am really a lip product kind of girl and I had to get this product because I have nothing similar to this style of product. It is more like an enlarged lip liner then a product like the bourjois colorboost lipsticks. I have been using this a lot the last few days and I personally feel this is really an dramatic color that is really unique. Not so much pink as the name implies but you will see that on the swatches. 
Zalando Asos Mint Turquoise scarf becksondergaard fine summer asos flower and stone cuff bracelet anna field shopper style london clutch bag sunpocket samoa round foldable sunglasses
The image above has a hover effect, place the mouse on the image to see the brands

Lovely shades of blue

I have been really loving the color blue with variations of turquoise and mint and I decided to make an inspirational collage with items that I think are lovely. I actually wanted to make a complete outfit but I found two bags that really adored so I decided to go on an accessories road.

ALDO Tano - €48.95
Anna Field Shopper  - €29.95
Style London Envelope Clutch Bag - €51.92 but currently on sale for €30.06
Sunpocket Samoa Round Foldable Sunglasses - €88.88 but currently on sale for €51.92

My favorite has to be the clutch bag, it looks amazing and the color is great paired with the gold. It actually reminds me of a mulberry bag lock.
What is your favorite?


Because hate is a big word

Blogging is a great thing to do, I actually motivated other people to start blogging. It is fun and get to be creative doing what you want to do. Also it is great to combine with an education. If you want a break from studying? Just start taking pictures or writing articles. But there are some thing that you need to consider, especially when you are open about blogging to friends and family. You will get questions....

Crazy cranberry mask

Recently my skin was a mess thanks to an allergic reaction to certain make-up. I had tiny bumps and it felt itchy overall. I decided to help my face with a mask. I decided to use one of my more expensive masks. These are €2.19 a piece and you get only one mask for that price. But because I had it laying arround I decided to slap it on my face and test it out.


  • Buying shoes marked down from €140 to €10
  • Hitting 10K steps during one day, shopping really brings up the numbers
  • Hitting 200 followers on instagram here
  • Scoring a 38mm curler from Toni & Guy for 25% cheaper here
  • OneRepublic - Counting Stars feat. Disney Villains - expecially the Hades made my day
  • Also Guys trying on girls underwear made me laugh also as a bonus Halloween costumes
  • Also the recent warmer weather put me into a better mood
  • 2000 people and Pharrell Williams stand up against cyber bulling a man and throw him a party
  • Random complements from strangers
  • Getting a big box of cat toys filled with catnips. Crazy cats for days!
What was your happiness moment this week?

NYX Butter gloss buttergloss Merengue Meringue lipgloss pink


Butter me up with divine gloss that feels like it melts on lips. The butter gloss products are a cult favorite. They come in a rainbow of colors but I went for safe and pink for my first butter gloss. Also merengue sounds very cute, right? 

Kokozo juice

Recently I walked passed a rack full of strange juices, they had very pretty colors and were only €0.79. I was debating on trying to make a new kind of review article, where I try strange or interesting food products or drinks. And today I am starting with Kokozo juice.

Finished products

This article was actually meant to go up yesterday, but stuff happened and sadly enough it resulted in no article. But today I have my article, it features 8 items that I finished in February. Depending on how much I finish next month, I want to have a monthly blogposts with empties and one day when I have practiced I want to do these kind of posts in video form. But today I am going to tell you about about the products that I emptied. 


For February I only have seven favorites. All of my products this month are beauty related. This month I discovered new favorites but also rediscovered old favorites. I listed my most used items and also why they deserve to be called favorites for February. 
hairdye syoss 9-5 frozen pearl blonde haarverf

First try

Today I have an results article of my first time trying Syoss frozen pearl blonde. I think it is a new color because the box says "NEW, till 100% pure light intensity" but I have no information on when it came out and if it is really new because I bought this in the store myself. What I can tell you is that I always buy my hair dye in Germany, when I compare prices there and in Holland where I live it is a big difference. I payed for this box in Germany €5 and in Holland it is €11.99 so more then double the price. For results keep on reading.
Steve madden boots gold studs tied cool

But what are they called?

Recently I found a shop that sells shoes for a really nice discount. And I do not mean pairs that are already worn or ugly. But I mean Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden and more, for a really amazing 70-75% discount. I asked the shop if they had more stores but sadly enough they only had that one pop-up store and they where closing soon. I picked up two pairs of shoes and today I am going to show you my new Steve Madden boots. Also I picked some similar looking shoes if you are interested in a pair yourself. 

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