February 2015

I decided to try a new concept with articles, I made a what is inside my make-up bag article. This is my make-up bag that is almost always in my schoolbag. It is not completely filled with my best and favorite products but it has everything that I need for a long day, but it is a collection of things that I had in there for some time now, I did not clean this out before taking pictures. What you see is what I had in it. Want to know what I carry with me?

The inside of my bag rotates from time to time, at the moment nested into my l'officiel make-up bag is
  • 3 elastics [two white and one brown]
  • 2 hair clips [black and silver]
  • one small back clip
  • Maybelline fit me compact powder
    • 105 natural ivory
    • Features a mirror and an applicator
    • Great for when you turn shiny
    • Review here
  • Maybelline Baby Lips
    • Line: Electro
    • Shade: Strike a rose
    • Review
  • Sublime De Chanel Mascara mini sample.
    • Amazing brush
    • Great vollume
    • Love the small sample size
  • NYX Buttergloss
    • Shade: Merengue
    • Great color
    • Small size
  • Perfume samples
    • An'na Annayke 
      • Strong power scent
    • YSL Black opium
      • Sexy dark scent
    • Estee Lauder Beautyfull
      • Floral and sweet
  • Catrice ink eyeliner
    • The best black eyeliner

Kind of loving the fact that my make-up bag is not fully stuffed with make-up

I have enough for a long school day. 
What is in your make-up bag?


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