Madame De Pinkadour

As I am writing this I can hear my mom think, how many pink lipsticks does a girl want to own? but for only €3.95 I wanted to grab this pink matt lip color.  Also I have very little matt pink lipsticks so I really 'needed' this lipstick. Also I am a fan of limited editions.

While the lipstick package looks just like bright white, it actually has a very pretty baroque pattern on it. But sadly enough that only shows up when you press the lipstick almost against your retina. But still I am a big fan of the white because it looks very classy. I only wonder how long it is going to look so crisp white.

The lipstick self is a stunning pink shade that leans toward red. I am not sure if it is completely matt because it looks semi-shiny when I point my flash toward it. But on a dark non-sunny day this surely looks matt. I think it is a great everyday shade, 

Excuses my sick face on the top right. But I wanted to show how this looks from a distance, and strangely enough that was the best picture that I took. So I do hope you will not imagine how horrible I looked in the other shots, also it is paired with my allergic reaction skin I sure look sexy. 

But back to the lipsticks, what do you guys think. Pretty or not?


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