• Ask for things, mistakes happen
    This week I had two moments where things happened like they should not happen. First I got a mail from school asking me for a paper that I turned in ages ago. It was kind of a rude email telling me that I was already late and I had a fast approaching deadline. I told them I already send it in and I would love it if they checked, they did and I was right. It saved me loads of stress getting everything together again.
  • Try new things and you will improve.
    I often fear change, doing what I normally do works fine for me. But it keeps me at the same place, I do not improve. The thing I learned this week is to try new things and the results may surprise you
  • There will be people you do not mix with, but still be kind
    Never drop to an other persons level, even when you do not like people you should try to smile and just be polite. You never know when you might need them.
  • Charge your fitbit in time
    That on explains itself, I have one day that I have listed 10 steps because I forgot that I needed charging.
  • 4 hours of doing nothing is horrible
    So always take a book with you or use the time to study. I am a girl who prefers to study at home but since I always need to wait for 4 hours on certain schooldays I decided to start with learning at school. Headphones are really needed for those days. 

February 2015

I decided to try a new concept with articles, I made a what is inside my make-up bag article. This is my make-up bag that is almost always in my schoolbag. It is not completely filled with my best and favorite products but it has everything that I need for a long day, but it is a collection of things that I had in there for some time now, I did not clean this out before taking pictures. What you see is what I had in it. Want to know what I carry with me?

Bourjois rouge edition velvet nude-ist nudeist swatch lipstick


While some swear by the Kelly Jenner lipshades, I personally prefer Nude-ist as my nude shade. It is a lip product that I use almost daily and I have been loving this so much. If you want to add something to your lip collection, this is a keeper!

nail decals decal naildecals bornprettystore heart ribbon lips mirror shine

In 135

Recently I got these nail decals from born pretty store. A sheet is $2.17 and you get a load for that small price. I had so much fun with the nail decals. There are so many options and it is so easy to transfer. I had so much fun doing nail-art with these decals.....

Madame De Pinkadour

As I am writing this I can hear my mom think, how many pink lipsticks does a girl want to own? but for only €3.95 I wanted to grab this pink matt lip color.  Also I have very little matt pink lipsticks so I really 'needed' this lipstick. Also I am a fan of limited editions.

Max factor color x-pert waterproof eyeliner

Recently I bought myself a new eyeliner. To have a small real moment, I have to admit that I buy a lot of black eyeliners but most do not get on my blog because they are nothing special. But because I was really impressed by the Max Factor color x-pert waterproof eyeliner.

My new favorite breakfast

I used to eat a load of yogurt and fibers in the morning and mostly the same thing. But the real oat experience I always skipped, I get queasy when I smell milk also warm milk is horrible. Yet I wanted to take the plunge when I received a test package from Quaker. I received Quaker normal oats and the cinnamon version. I made a few combinations and I am ready to share with my 'I want to be a food photographer but it is harder then taking pictures of make-up' photographs. 

From Bornprettystore

Today I got two nailarts for you, the first is the above where I made an thunder inspired nailart, after the cut we have a leopard print. Both nailarts feature my new Stamping polish from BornPrettyStore. Today I am going to show you the black polish, but I also got a review for the bornprettystore brand white polish
Keep on reading for more nail-art and more information.

Birthstone ring

Pandora rings, I am slightly addicted but as a ring fan I do not mind this addiction. At the moment I have 5 Pandora rings, I bought my mom one ring and my grandma two rings. I already showcased my four Pandora rings on my blog and also the popular heart ring that I bought as a gift. I also have links to those articles
But today I have a pink opal birthstone ring in small to show. It is very similar to my moonstone ring but it is slightly different.

Shoe wishlist

Seeing 50 shades of grey is trending at the moment today I will share with you my 5 shades of grey shoes, also known as my wishlist.  I love black, grey, silver colored footwear because it will suit many outfits, you can not go wrong with these colors. I decided to mix it up with boots, sneakers and open heels. These shoes are my style and would suit my everyday look and I do hope that you also like these shoes. Also I would love it if you left in the comments what your favorite pair is. 

- These are amazing, they feature a tiny heel and three large straps. They are a classic with a modern twist. I can see myself rocking these to school paired with tight blue jeans and a black blouse.
Doc Martens 1460
- I am a boots kind of girl for school, and these Black Smooth Doc's would be perfect to wear when the weather is not that nice (Most of the time where I live) they are a classic that I would pair with black leather pants and a jeans blouse.
Nike Air Max
- The Nike Thea Law sneakers are perfect for everyday wear, they are more special than plain old sneakers but they are not extreme thanks to the monochrome.
- These are a tad more fancy then the Nike sneakers, the silver really stands out and I like the way 
- The ankle boots are very modern, I like that it is a new twist on gladiator sandals but more suited for spring.  I also really like the grey color and black heel.

I am torn on what my next pair of shoes should be, what is your favorite pair?


With a gold dot, white pearls and a bar

When I received this new package from eBay, I knew I had to show it online. I found the most cute necklaces that are so softly priced that I personally wanted to order more then one. In the end I got myself one and one for my mom. You can not go wrong with only $0.99 a piece. And especially since I feel that layered necklaces are really on trend for spring and summer.

These pictures where of my elf costume

Best things ever

  1. How not to wear make-up. Valentines edition
  2. My cat trying to steal my biscuit
  3. And the same cat prefering to steal lettuce while there was also chicken.
  4. My train leaving the station late because the conductor had the impression that he had a break. But props for him being so honest to intercom it all over the train.
  5. Somebody posting "You look pretty" on an instagram picture of my cat.
  6. My fitbit app telling me that I killed it today
  7. Going to a lecture and people dancing to the sound of a phone that just went off
  8. The excitement that soon it will be carnival
  9. This Devonne by Demi Tutorial - Her face is priceless
  10. My mom telling my dad that he can not buy a new camera, then turning to me telling me that I can. #Soon
  11. And as a bonus, the guy who gave me flowers during the parade



Yesterday when I was waiting for the bus I was blinded by the sun, and that was perhaps the moment that inspired this article. For 'special occasions' I have two expensive sunglasses but for daily use I variate between loads of cheap sunglasses, and most are from eBay. For 2015 I am looking towards round sunglasses. I found a load of styles that I adore and more important they are so cheap that I will be buying a few!

Floral necklace

Recently I bought a very cute necklace. A glass dome with an air dried flower inside. I think it is really cute for spring paired with a nice dress or a white t-shirt and blazer. The quality of this is decent, you get a nice glass pendant with a decent chain. I am not sure if the flower is real, but it looks real. Also did I mention it is only $2.00? I bought it from this seller and you can see more pictures if you click read more.

Floral stamping plate born pretty store

Recently I rediscovered my love for stamping plates and since I got the born pretty store stamping polishes I have been playing with color combinations. Today I am going to show you the nude combination that you can see above and a neon combination that you can view if you read more.

At Kijkshop

Recently I noticed that Kijkshop was having a sale. Now to be honest I never shop Kijkshop because they have products that I also can get at other places. But the sale they have now is to good to pass up. They have a final clearance with sales, that are amazing as you can see when you look at the above image.

Juicy Couture - Couture is currently €30 while normaly the 100ml bottle retails for €99
The remington pearl wand is currently €30, and I have to say I included this because I only use this when curling my hair, if you click read more you can see a collage for my hair when using this wand. The curls really stay up to three days with this.
DKNY - Delicious Night is 50ml for €30 and has a 50% discount
Lady Gaga - Fame has to be my favorite scent that is currently €10 cheaper.

In white

I was always skeptic of stamping polishes, why would I buy a polish specially designed for stamping when I have enough normal polishes in my collection? But still I wondered if I could get a better transfer with a stamping polish, I can be very mysterious about it, but as you can see above. I get an amazing result from the born pretty store stamping polish.

Pandora silver ring with black onyx blackonyx pandoraring

Roses are....from black Onyx

Obsessions, I have them. I actually have quite a lot of things I collect and recently I became interested in collection Pandora stacking rings. Stacking rings used to be a fascinating thing to me because I am a mix and match girl and also Pandora is an amazing brand. I have a few rings that I got as a birthday gift and Christmas gift. But the above ring is the first Pandora ring I bough myself.....

January I found a few favorites.first on my list are my two pandora rings with stones. They fit every outfit and look really pretty. One day I would want a whole hand full of these rings, or similar rings.I am only sad that my birthstone does not have the most pretty color stone.

My most worn make-up product has to be Maybelline dream pure 8-in-1 BB cream. It is a great product that fits my skin tone perfectly and covers my bright red cheeks. Also I feel like it prevents zits because I have not gotten a spot since I started to use this. It is an amazing product.

Alverde fixing spray started as something that I did not like, the scent made me sneeze the moment I sprayed my face and it ruined my make-up. After that I returned to my old setting spray, till I decided to spray this on less pigmented eyeshadow/my brush and see how that works. It perfect to intensify shadows and make them last longer.

Fitness related is my fitbit, a nice little bracelet that I payed €69 for. It tracks my steps and more. It kept me motivated walking trough January and a review will follow soon.

I bought two little useful items in January. One is a card holder and the other is a little bag. Both black with hope written on it.  I got these at a discount store for under a euro, but these look more expensive right?

Also I had to include my most worn nail polish color.Underwater Laugh by Catrice. From the Le Grand Crue limited edition collection.

Perhaps a tad late, what was your January favorite?



I am a dreamer, I often wonder what I would buy if I had the money to spend. But truth be told, this poor student....is poor. Now that was a lovely anti-climax moment. I did want to make a wishlist with what I would buy if I had the money to spare. What would really be on my wishlist, I would say the above six items.
Because I want a small camera to take with me to school and events
Because I adore the design, lately I have not been loving a lot of rings but this one...amazing!
It is small and it is cute, and it does make some pretty sweet films.

Because it has amazing colors, especially the reds. 
I wear my silver one daily, and I would adore a gold one
I have two normal tangle teezers, one that I have in my sportsbag and one that I use daily. A compact one would be a sweet addition.



  • Spotting a load of untouched make-up in the discount bin for only €1.00 and discovering at the register that it also has an extra 50% discount
  • Walking into a store and finding the Pandora ring that was discontinued or I somehow had that idea
  • My mom who bought me colored eggs, they are so much more fun to eat, who cares if it is not Easter yet
  • Reaching 8000+ steps on my fitbit [a review will follow soon]
  • My friend telling me I am more then my weight and perception of myself
  • Finishing my essay in 1 day while I had the idea that I would need at least 3 days
  • Cutting my hair because the lower part of my hair was really dead, but in the end people did not notice the massive amount of hair my hairdresser cut of. 
  • My cat acting strange infront of the camera
  • Katy Perry her halftime show during the superbowl the outfits and show...a-ma-zing!
  • This week I gained over 20 followers on Instagram
What made your week?


Pink me up!

Let us talk about Baby lips, this is my fourth baby lips and I am can see myself buying more and more. Because I adore these lip balms. I apply these in the morning and evening and they do wonders for my lips. Now I do like the original baby lips but when I spotted the Dr Rescue kind I wanted to see how these compare....

♥ To share #03

Today an new love to share, or just ♥ to share is an article that collects the best internet has to offer. Great discounts online that will make any online shopper happy. But also websites that you need to discover, especially on those boring days. Also what where my favorite quizzes and more. Keep on reading for some entertainment. Also I got news about a new Essence Make-up collection, and I do want to know what you think about my new 'image style'

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