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Today a new kind of article, but a fun one. Love to share, or just ♥ to share is an article that collects the best internet has to offer. Great discounts online that will make any online shopper happy. But also websites that you need to discover, especially on those boring days. Also what where my favorite quizzes and youtubers. And last but not least some music to tie it all together in a nice neat package full of media. 


Pro-shoes currently has up to 60% discount on sneakers.
zalando-lounge currently has an even better discount then normal up to 85% discount
Bornprettystore has 30% discount on nailstickers [and 10% extra with code DIB10]
Serenza has up to 60% on schoes, including Jeffrey Cambell
De Bijenkorf also has a massive sale
DaisyLondon currently has a 70% discount sale


OMI - Cheeleader is the newest song in my spotify playlist. It is a very catchy tune and I adore it


Eiland-Meisje shared her favorites from Primark Spring-Summer collection here. And I love her picks, I would buy everything if I saw it in stores. (if I had the body for it)
Steal her style has been a recent discovery, you can see what your favorite stars are wearing and 'steal' there style because the site gives you links to their clothing and accessories. 
LivingaLie showed us the inside of her sport bag, and I love taking a peek inside other people their bags. Also a very lovely blog.


Meghan Rienks is a youtuber that I recently started to follow, she is so fun to watch and brings a smile to my face every video. I found out about her when I saw her whats in my bag video and I am hooked. 
I know is already far passed Christmas but I came across sunbeamsjess her 'what I got for Christmas' video and I love her style. 


People throw prayers up to you when they find out guac is extra. You were there at Chipotle to warn all new customers that guacamole may come at an extra price. Poor college students everywhere owe their thanks to your hindsight. You started the guacamole revolution which inspired twentysomethings everywhere to get up in arms and fight for they deserved on their burrito. In an act of selflessness, you planted your own avocado tree, but sadly died from a rogue avocado that fell and clubbed you on the head. You are the Patron Saint of Guacamole and your spirit lives on every time someone orders a burrito, or squeeze a ripe avocado.

What Major Award Should You Get?
I got: Oscar
You know you have a flair for the dramatic, so why not put it to work? You’d KILL on the big screen and working the red carpet would almost be too easy for you. Have those headshots ready.


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