DKNY gold watch Sasha stone

Sasha Stone Set Watch 

Let me say a few words about my new watch, because me buying a watch is a thing that does not happen a lot. I have not worn a watch for ages, so when I told my mom I wanted a watch for Christmas she laughed at me. But in the end I went to outlet center Roermond, I wrote a blogpost about it and how much I wanted a Fossil watch. In the end I did not found a Fossil watch that I loved so I searched at other brands.
I went for the Sasha stone set watch from DKNY, it is number NY8892. Read more for more pictures of this watch.

DKNY gold watch Sasha stone

Shine bright like a diamond

The watch is so dainty and sparkly and stuff. It is my classy 'grown up' watch, I felt like I needed a grown up watch to wear to special occasions. Also because lately I bought a gold small necklace I decided to go for a gold watch. Also DKNY is a great brand, the brand oozes quality and class. 

DKNY gold watch Sasha stone

The watch is very good quality, the glass for the dail is Mineral Crystal. Band is Stainless Steel and gold plated.  And yeah, it is just pretty! But it is very hard to take pictures off, the dail has to many stones and it just kills my flash.

DKNY gold watch Sasha stone

One thing that I dislike on blogs is that some do not mention prices when it comes to slightly more expensive stuff, I want to mention this and as a note, I am not showing off I just want to give information incase you want to buy this one and you are near Roermond. I searched for the original price of this watch and it is somewhere round €130, the outlet price was 75 euro and I got a 25% discount on that. So my total for this watch was €56.25. I bought it at the watchstation in the outlet, and here is a link do the Dutch site for my Dutch readers. 

Perhaps a tad late, but what did you get for Christmas?


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