What I would wear to work-out today

Sportswear is something that I buy to much, I actually have one closet full of sport gear. I think it is motivating to wear nice things and you know you can not work-out naked. Instead of picking out a load of random items I decided to make a cute outfit. So for the outfit and links, read more!

So this is the complete outfit, I am only missing socks and a jacket.
The shoes are Nike and now only €69.95, they used to be €99.95
The sweater is Twintip for sale for only €13.95
The sport bra is Nike and also an sale item for €23.95 that is a 21% discount

Sweatpants are a must, these are Only and also for sale. They are € 27,95
And to workout in, a pair of Nike leggings for € 39,95
And last but not least my favorite thing a Puma top that is slightly see trough so you can see the Nike top underneath.

If you are working out today, what are you wearing?
[Also a tip, there is a load of Nike here for sale at Zalando]

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