The internet has loads of information but also information that might not be correct. Bread is a topic that is always on debate when it comes to weight loss or just eating healthy. Some people think it is the devil and should be burned, I personally am on the pro-bread side. But with a side note, I only ear 'healthy bread' and if you want to know more about that, keep on reading.

First lets start with why you should eat bread, bread is a source of fibers, vitamin B and minerals. Those are all good and good for your body. Why bread has a bad name? It has carbs and some people think that carbs are the reason we get fat. But they are not, bread is made of complex carbs, this means that they first need to be broken down before they can be transferred trough the body.

A simple way to keep complex and simple carbs apart is to look at the label. Also things with complex carbs are high in fiber and simple carbs are high in sugar, I am pretty sure you know what you prefer when I say fiber or sugar.

There are many types of bread. Some healthy and some not so healthy.
White bread is the worst option to pick, it brings nothing good to the table and is low on fiber. It also does not fill you up so after a few minutes you are hungry again.
Dinkel wheat,Rye bread and whole wheat bread are the healthier option. The darker the bread the healthier, but watch out for breads that are made darker 'artificially'

One thing you need to watch when buying bread, some are massed produced and contain a load of salt. If you have the option I would say go to a bakery and get your bread there or make your own bread. Also read the label to see what is added to the bread if you decide to shop in the supermarket, inform yourself before you buy it.

Also there are loads of other products similar to bread, like oats. So do not limit yourself to the same thing everyday.


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