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I never wear nude lipstick, I do buy loads but they do not suit me. Recently I decided to go with a tad darker nude to see if that color would suit me. And it was an amazing pick if I say so myself. I really adore coffee craze from Maybelline. And I would love to share the swatches and information with you.

♥ it

ASOS their sale section is something I frequent regularly, because I like nice things that are amazing priced.  I love jewelry and asos really had some quality ones in their sale, also the Barry M nailpolish is a stand out. The dry shampoo might sounds a tad random but to be honest, 2.86 for dry shampoo is a steal!

Batiste Pixie Lott Dry Shampoo 200ml - From €4.27 to €2.86
Barry M Glitterati Nail Paint - From €5.73 to €3.57
Regal Rose Labradorite Sterling Silver Ring - From €34.29 to €20.00
Talullah tu Opal Jewel Statement Bracelet - From €60.00 to €28.57


Going nude

I am not a nude eye shadow girl, I prefer purple's or reds or just gray tones. Browns and nudes where never my things but I am always trying to expend my range. Because I did not want to give a load of money for a palette like naked I went budget. I got All About Nude for only €3.59. For swatches and more, read more.

Bought and on its way

Recently I bought a few things from eBay, I think this is my first eBay Haul of the year. I bought a few things for spring, I tend to order things that I want to wear the next season because shipping make take a bit. I ordered some jewelry, the black bracelet I intend to layer and I ever ordered more colors and just black. The layered necklaces are really cute and because I do not have much gold jewelry I bought a very bohemian bracelet. Then we have my bottle, it is just a plain water bottle with a sipping part and you can screw that off to toss fruit in. And last but not least 12 butterflies for decoration. I am planning a DIY with it, so you will hear about it the moment I get them.

Is there something listed here where you want to see a review about?
If so, tell me in the comments. 


Uzuma Juice bottles Detox fruit Veggies stack rainbow

Uzuma juices

Recently I found out about Uzuma and their slowjuices. I heard about slow juicing before but I never really read more into it. Uzuma offers bottles of juice that are slowjuiced using the latest innovative methods, allowing you to benefit from maximum vitamin and mineral retention. Also there are no preservatives, fragrances, colourings or flavourings, meaning you get just 100% pure healthy juice. Many supermarked juices or smoothies have loads of E numbers or sugar added, so I really wanted to test an all healthy juice. And I did for three full days, 7 bottles a day. So keep on reading...

It has been a while since I let people spam their blog or other social media. I love finding new people to follow and this is the moment to share your media. Leave a comment with why we should check out your blog or instagram.


My new favorite hairstyle

Lets take a minute to love the above images, they look amazing. I always been a girl who rocked the high ponytail and the top bun. But I never tried a half bun until recently. And to be honest I love the look, it looks casual but chic depending on your clothing. I also feel like this is a perfect style for spring and summer. I am a big fan of this hairstyle and so I wanted to share some inspiration. 


Moonstone birthstone ring

When I was a kid, moonstone was my favorite stone. It might had to do with my love for Sailor Moon. Recently I decided to go to outlet Roermond for some 'late' Christmas shopping. And I was very lucky to find a ring that was on my wishlist but was sold out everywhere because it was an old collection. I am talking about the 'old style' birthstone ring. The new style birthstone collection has a design round the stone and this one just has smooth silver.

The internet has loads of information but also information that might not be correct. Bread is a topic that is always on debate when it comes to weight loss or just eating healthy. Some people think it is the devil and should be burned, I personally am on the pro-bread side. But with a side note, I only ear 'healthy bread' and if you want to know more about that, keep on reading.

♥ to share 02

Today a new kind of article, but a fun one. Love to share, or just ♥ to share is an article that collects the best internet has to offer. Great discounts online that will make any online shopper happy. But also websites that you need to discover, especially on those boring days. Also what where my favorite quizzes and youtubers. And last but not least some music to tie it all together in a nice neat package full of media. 

Where fashion meets travel

Myuniquestyle is a web shop with jewelry inspired by traveling. Trends are spotted in South America, Peru, Columbia and Brazil and it is all brought together in one web shop. When describing this collection in a few words, I have to mention color but also unique and fun come to mind. Today I am going to show you a lovely necklace that I received and tell you a bit about Myuniquestyle 

To help you reach your new years resolution

If you want a pretty background to remind you of your goals, you have come to the right place. I made a load of backgrounds that are perfect for your phone, or printed to hang on your wall. I picked a few motivational things and I made them into pretty collage style backgrounds. For todays article I made two images that tells you to do more that makes you happy, I made a load of cats for people who want to smile more, also I have images for people who want to workout, eat healthier, dance more, travel more, document your life or start with yoga. Also if you want a background with something that I did not make, tell me in comments I will make an other load of images for you in the next article.

Recently I had a goal in life, I needed a new tangle teezer. I use my tangle teezer daily and I needed a spicy new clean brush. But when I chucked the brush into my basket my eye fell on the Invisibobble. Invisibobble, what a strange name for a product. Set into a clear plastic package were three invisibobbles. And me being an compulsive buyer of pretty packaged items decided to grab this, because it has the same clear package as my tangle teezer. Want to know more about this product? Also I tested this loads, I had so much fun with it.

What I would wear to work-out today

Sportswear is something that I buy to much, I actually have one closet full of sport gear. I think it is motivating to wear nice things and you know you can not work-out naked. Instead of picking out a load of random items I decided to make a cute outfit. So for the outfit and links, read more!

Corset ebay corset training corsettraining

Waist training

Corsets, we all see the same thing when we think about corsets. Tiny waists and some restriction in breathing. But actually corsets are trending at the moment, they can be a great tool to get a waist, but you know..you need to do it the right way. I know some people who wear a corset day and night and the be honest for a newbie that is not the right way to go.  I am not a professional and I do not know everything about corsets and corset training, yet I want to tell you about my experience.
I ordered a stretch corset from eBay, these are not the best corsets but the one I found is decent especially for a starter who is new in the whole world of corset training. The corset is cheaply priced and have 4 steel spring boning. Most ‘fashion’ corsets have plastic boning that will bend out of shape or even break. You want something strong and that would be steel. I am personally not a big fan of the spring boning, I would have preferred one with normal steel boning but they were out of my price range at the time. As I said the corset I ordered is great for a beginner.

DKNY gold watch Sasha stone

Sasha Stone Set Watch 

Let me say a few words about my new watch, because me buying a watch is a thing that does not happen a lot. I have not worn a watch for ages, so when I told my mom I wanted a watch for Christmas she laughed at me. But in the end I went to outlet center Roermond, I wrote a blogpost about it and how much I wanted a Fossil watch. In the end I did not found a Fossil watch that I loved so I searched at other brands.
I went for the Sasha stone set watch from DKNY, it is number NY8892. Read more for more pictures of this watch.

♥ to share

Today a new kind of article, but a fun one. Love to share, or just ♥ to share is an article that collects the best internet has to offer. Great discounts online that will make any online shopper a happy bunny. But also websites that you need to discover, especially on those boring days. Also what where my favorite quizzes that I made. And last but not least some music to tie it all together in a nice neat package full of media. 

I am on fire....

Nelly currently has a sale where you can get up to 70% discount. For me that means buying a lot of pretty things for a really good price. A poor student her dream, my dream. I decided to list my favorite deals in the blogpost but you should also check out Nelly for more.  My favorite things have to be the Metal dress and the mint sweater, those two need to find their way into my basket.

Click read more, for my favorites with links

So many pretty things

If there is no snow today, I will be going towards outlet center Roermond today. At the moment that I am writing this, I have no idea. I only know that the weather is crap. But I did prepare and make a wishlist. I have received nothing for Christmas and at the outlet center I will be picking out me present, or presents. Also I saved up some money myself that needs to be spend on a stunning new watch or piece of jewelry. I decided to make an inspiration article including the brands that will be at the outlet center. Also this includes a lot of watches/

To everybody who takes the time to read my blog, I want to wish you all an amazing 2015. May all your wishes come true, and never let anybody dull your shine. Be in 2015 the best version you can be and do not take shit from anybody. You are amazing so showcase it.

Everybody, lets make 2015 our year!

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