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Resolutions are just around the corner because the year is ending soon. But what do I want to change next year, what should my goal be? I can think of a load of goals, from cleaning my face daily and more important use all those creams I have in my cabinet that are currently collecting dust. Or should I focus in 2015 on loosing weight and getting fit? Or perhaps reinvent my fashion sense. Just thinking about it makes my brain explode. 

I personally love to read about other people there resolutions. And recently I found out that Zalando teamed up with 20 bloggers all over the world that wrote their resolution. And I had loads of inspiring fun reading it all. So if you need inspiration I would advice you check this out here. 

But I also want to tell you about my favorites, I read them all my favorite resolutions have to be this one from Milagros Plaza and this one from Laura Werner.

My final resolutions I will keep for an other article, but I do have a lot of inspiration.
I would love to hear your resolutions and what your favorite one from the Zalando site was.
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