Lets make make-up brush cleaning easy

Cleaning make-up brushes, something that I like to compare to shaving legs. Something that you need to do, but do not like to do. I hate having to run my brush over my hand over and over to get all the product out and then repeating and repeating till all my brushes are clean. It takes to long for something that I do not like doing. I once heard of a big glove that would make cleaning easier, but to be honest…I do not like to own a big thing for just cleaning brushes. But one day I spotted a small version of that product on eBay, a brush-egg. A small palm sized product that is said to help you clean your make-up brushes…but does it work?

& Sorry for the lack of updates

Recently I have been really annoyed by my blog design, I felt it was lacking and ugly. And I first wanted to improve my design before really going back to blogging. I had some trouble getting this all together, and after a lot of cursing and talking to my computer I made something that I really like. Only the sidebar needs an overhaul, but I will keep that for an other day. At the moment I am really pleased by this layout and I would love to hear what you think about it.

Note: There will be an other article today. It will be online soon.

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