Me? No style girl

I am a firm believer that people have their outdoor style and indoor style. The home-me and the outdoor-me. My outdoor style seen om my instagram and people who know me...know how I look. Put together with make-up, jewelry, loose hair and decent outfits. A lot of people do believe I wear make-up when I am staying at home, I prommise...I do not.
But the moment I come home, I change to no style Denna. 

I have a set of large shirts and big tanktops that I tend to wear at home. Because who wants to wear tight and fancy cloths while being just at home? And while I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants, I do rock them on a daily bases while I am at home.

I have a load of galaxy and sport leggings that never felt outside air because they are just to wear inside. Also to what occasion would I wear bight galaxy leggings? But still the mailman or people who come at my door do wonder what strange video clip I came out of. I do feel my inner Jen and the Holograms or perhaps some marvel superhero. 

Also hair and make-up wise I take a complete 360, when I go home and work on my blog I tend to do half face make-up so I can take pictures. It is no exception that I wear two complete different looks on my eyes and just open the door for the mailman who does not even blink. Also my hair needs to be up when I am at home, outdoors I never wear a big bun because it does not suit me. But at home I rock the bun, it is easy to wear and keeps your hair out of your face. Also when making nail swatches I tend to only paint one hand and then forget all about it till I have to leave for school the next day. 

Am I the only one who looks like a complete different person at home then outside? 

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