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I recently got a new kitten, my new little guy that is 3 months old at the moment. Some people might have noticed that I posted him on instagram here.  I still have my black cat but the black and white one passed away a few months ago, she was old but still I was broken up on it. After two months we decided to get a new one so the black cat does not get lonely and to give the kitten a good home. So today my 11 thoughts about in a week with my new tiny animal. 
  • My female cats never farted, but this one does it daily? Why!
  • Falling asleep with his leg over his head, totally normal
  • Tiny animals tend to appear at the strangest moments
  • Also they appear right in front of my feet
  • I should not let the tiny little guy suck on my thumb, but it looks so cute
  • How much poop can a little cat produce? A lot!
  • The cat should stop sitting in front of the window, so many little kids...petting the window
  • Why does that kitten keeps bringing my toys on my lap?
  • Lifting 1 kilo does feel very light
  • Why do we have so many cat toys? 
  • Can I learn this cat to sit at the dinning table? 
And that where my 11 thoughts that I had this month about my new kitten? Do you want pets? Leave it in the comments!

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