Living with sharp nails

Recently I decided to change my nail-shape. I went from almond-shape to the pointy talon shape. Something I would like to call deathly claws. A lot of people go for glue on variations of these nails, but I decided to use my own nails seeing these are strong enough to survive. And thus I went to cut my nails while belting out chandelier from Sia. 

How did I survive with my new talons, well it was better then expected. I had a lot of positive comments on my nails, most wanted to feel how sharp they are. They are very sharp! A lot of people asked if they where real and at the same time grabbed my hand for closer inspection.

I learned a few things:

  • Never rub your eyes, I can result in poking your own eye.
  • Never pick stuff between your teeth with it, it looks nasty even if it works like a charm.
  • Never pick your nose, it might result in pain.
  • Stop making hand motions, people might stare at your hand.
  • But I do have to say they really come in handy when peeling oranges
Sharp nails? Do you love or hate them?

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