Tights and earrings 

Recently I updated some wishlist items to basked items, I bought 5 items and I am really wishing the mailman would deliver it. I picked three tights and two pair of earrings. All where very cheap and I think these are great for a lot of outfits. The first pair of tights might not be everybody there cup of tea, The striped panty, is $1.39 and I would rock this during the holidays. The next two pair of tights are very similar the first pair is $1.66 and the second is $2.66. I especially like the pair with the two stripes above it, they look very sporty. And the last thing I added to my basked are these Swarovski look-a-like earrings in blue and white they are $1.61 a piece. I ordered the white pair for myself and the blue pair as a gift for my mom. I can see these being great little gifts for friends.

What is your favorite from my basket?

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