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I am really loving the MiMoneda Mariposa coins. I already had one brown colored coin but recently I decided to get a blue version. The coin is inspired by butterfly wings, Soon will be an article about this coin online, but today I have the raw image for you.
The weather has been all over the place where I live. From cool days to semi-heatwaves. I have wearing my red H&M shirt a lot, it is cotton and I think it is the most flattering t-shirt that I own. I tend to pair it with shorts or skinny jeans. And above you can see a combination that I also love, a big colorful scarf with my playful dotted jeans. Expecially with me not knowing what the weather is going to do, I really adore scarfs. 
Recently I have been really inspired to wear my hair wavy, it is something that you can achieve easily without heat. I just braid my hair before going to bed and I wake up with a massive head of hair. 

What did you love, wear and get inspired with this week?

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