What I take with me to school.

Today is my first day of school and I always like to be prepared. I take 2 buses and 1 train to school and I travel quite a bit, and to be honest during a long school day I tend to mess up my make-up. And so I took a little bag to keep my 'essentials' for a long day in it. I am going to try and find a new make-up bag because the white gets dirty fast but for now this is decent. 
Rundown from left to right
This is a light pink lipstick that is suited for everyday, it fits all occasions and eye looks. It is a very safe lipstick that seems like your lips, but better.

Essence a Million miles away perfume -  Most drugstores that sell essence have these
I have to admit, I just tossed this one in because it is almost finished and I am done with the scent. For the upcoming season I prefer something more dark and sultry. Also I am debating on getting Earl Gray - By Demeter as travel perfume.

I am not really a glossy person, but I do like to say that these come in handy when you have lipstick on but it looks kind of dull.

Like the gloss this is a useful product, it has almost no color but it does hydrate the lips. So I have it as a protective balm for the colder days. Sadly enough this was a limited edition

Maybelline Line Refine eyeliner & Gosh mascara
A simple black eyeliner, I personally am not somebody who goes around doing her make-up in public or in the restroom at school. But I found that an eyeliner can be very useful. I tend to rub my eyes and forget that I am wearing eyeliner, often that results in one eye having a pretty wing and the other being smudged. So since that day I take my eyeliner with me. Also I have a gosh mascara that is useful when you forget to do your mascara. 

Bourjois Eclat Mineral powder in vanille - Get it at Amazone
This is one of my favorite powders to take with me, next to the big mirror this is perfect to reduce shine. It has almost no color making it perfect to wear in the winter and the summer. Also a bit pro for me is that it smells really fine, it has a slight vanilla powder scent. 
Not pictured
What is also in my bag but did not make the cut for the picture is a pair of tweezers, some band aids and a nail file. They are the basics.

What is in your school beauty make-up bag? Or do you prefer to not bring anything with you?

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