Some facts

  • That I always sing driving my car, I tend to belt out in a horrible way while drumming my fingers on the steering wheel or making diva hand motions.
  • That I love buying things at sale prices, like real leather boots for only 30 euro or a guess wallet for €16 instead of €60
  • I love fashion, but I do not like my body so I tend to dress more to fit my body.
  • I got over a 100 pair shoes.
  • At home I always wear a messy top bun
  • I love jewelry, from big to small pieces
  • I use anti-age products while I am only 25
  • Also recently started a complete skincare and haircare regime. 
  • I have a make-up free day at least once a week
  • I think the color blue is ugly, and the only family members that I like are mint and turquoise
Got an interesting fact about you.
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Lots of love, Denna

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