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My story and life lesson

A healthy lifestyle is something that I find important and I improved the last year a lot. I used to include a lot of aspartame in my diet when I first started on my journey to loose weight. I used to live on 2 slices of bread, a bottle of cola with zero calories, one piece of fruit and a small platter of dinner. And as I am typing it, I am ashamed that I only ate that a day, I never felt hunger at those times because I kept myself full with drinking the cola. I loved being active and I worked out every day.

Till the day my body decided that it needed fuel and could not function this way. I could not sport for 10 minutes without shaking, getting dizzy and getting lightheaded. Looking back, I am surprised that my body did not cave sooner. The results of that time still follow my body, because I have a really hard time to loose weight because my body has been deprived of food for such a long time and results in storing fat. 

The lesson I learned from that moment is your body needs food to function a person can not live their whole life on a low calorie diet. You need to eat enough, and you need to eat enough good things. 

And I have seen people who eat loads of healthy food, and still loose weight. Food is not the enemy like magazines make it out to be. You just need to eat the right things.  You need your grains, fruits, veggies and protein. And we all need to stop seeing food as the reason why we are gaining weight, but we need to see food as energy we can burn to get fit and healthy.

I changed a lot in my daily intake when I look at food. 
My breakfast went from 1 piece of bread to a nice bowl with yogurt, flax seed, brinta , oats and fruit
My lunch went from 1 piece of bread to a variety from salads to wraps to fruit to bread with tomato/lettuce
My dinner went from a small plate to a normal plate with 50% veggies, 25% potato/rice or pasta and 25% meat or meat replacement.
My snacks went from cola to 2 pieces fruit a day, veggies, smoothies,egg muffins and much more.
My drinks went to water and tea

In the end I want to note: I feel healthy now, I can workout withing feeling faint, I am more happy, my skin is better and I am happy with my life and myself. 
Health is important

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