What is on your must try list?

We all see food porn online, those beauty full plates with amazing food on it. And some things we tasted but enough things we wished we could eat. What is on your food wishlist, what is the thing you want to eat but you have not gotten the chance to.

My top four you can see above, the first is squid ink pasta. Or as I call it, black pasta. It just looks amazing and I would love to try it. It is said to taste like pasta but also like seafood. I am very intrigued but I have not seen it on menu's or in stores. 
An other pasta I want to try is courgette pasta, it is just courgette made to look like pasta. The idea sounds very nice and tasty. I just need to buy a peeler that allows me to pastafy my veggies.
The next is avocado with an egg inside and then baked in the oven. I love avocado and I love eggs, both seem the perfect mix. Also I learned yesterday that warm avocado tastes completely different then cold. 
And the last one is bubble tea, again I am drawn in by the visual look of it. And I just want to taste it.

What is on your food wishlist? Leave it down bellow at the comments

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