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As you might have noticed, the updates are currently lacking. I am writing small articles and I tend to skip a few days for the last few weeks. Why is really simple, last week was an important event for school and the day this article comes online I have an important test. After that I have time to blog and I have some lovely things planned. Above you can see a sneak peek with what I have planned to have on my blog soon. I am also going to start writing in advance because I will be leaving in a few weeks on vacation and I still want to have daily articles. Above you can see eBay earrings, a galaxy cap, 3 lipsticks in a wood tube, 2 P2 nailpolishes that are caring, a perfume from spirit. And then you can see a Pandora bead for an essence bracelet, I also ordered the bracelet to match. And I am going to show you all the difference between the normal Pandora collection and the Essence collection. Also I am planning to show you how I pack for vacation, what my must haves are and of coarse much more. 

So sorry, for the lack of updates. But I will be getting back on track soon! 

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