The arrow tattoo

As I am writing this I lost 6.5 kilos or 14.3 pounds, a small step but closer to where I want to be. The girls who have been reading my blog for a longer time know that loosing weight is really hard for me, I can do everything perfect and still see no progress. But yeah, at the moment I feel like I am getting there, and I always said the moment I reach my goal I will get a tattoo. And I finally decided what, an arrow tattoo! Why is really simple, an arrow needs to be pulled backwards to be shot. And I surely think the past four years I was pulled back a lot to almost breaking point. And now I see that I will be 'shooting' towards my goal and what I work for. So yeah, it might be a bit soppy or strange, but I really love the idea. Click read more for my inspirational pictures!

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