And needing your help!

For this summer, I am debating on starting a project. Something motivating or something creative. But I am not sure on what project to start, I have a load of idea's but I want to do something that people like and would like to join perhaps. I have a few idea's and I would love your opinion about it. So it would be amazing if you left a comment with what project has your preference.

Health related

  • Project healthy foods
My breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all healthy. I really like variation and I love trying out new food. I was debating on a project healthy food where I share pictures or video's with all my food. 
  • Project good posture
Good posture can make you look skinnier, and I think a lot of people have bad posture now a days. My posture is horrible and I have been trying to improve it. I have a load of tips and tricks and I do think it would be a really helpful and motivating project.

Fashion related

  • Draw my style
I actually drew a lot a few years ago, and somehow I lost that passion overtime. I was debating on perhaps drawing my own outfits, but also the outfits from smaller bloggers that have amazing style. I would render everything in digital style. I use some of my old art from 2010 in the image above to give you an idea how the drawing would look. 

Beauty related

  • Theme challenges. 
There are a lot of theme challenges out there, I was debating on making my own and having you guys join in. And I would feature my favorites every week. 

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