Watching - Work-out - Preparing

My three things from this week where watching soccer on Saturday. The Dutch where playing so as a real patriotic person I needed to watch. Or should I say I had it playing while I was working on my blog, it is really nice to type away and watch soccer while you at it.

Then we have work-out, lately I have been wearing my HRM while working out again. I did a lot of nice Zumba workouts. While I normally go for long workouts that last 2 hours I decided to calm down a bit and go for 40-55 minutes. Also I might like taking sport selfies a bit to much, I am trying to keep my instagram selfies at a minimal.

And last is preparing, you might be wondering preparing for what...Well, my birthday is in a month or a bit over a month. The sixth of July I will be turning the big 25. And I am slowly piecing together my outfit, I am set on colors already but I am not really sure what I want to wear. I decided that I wanted pastel and gold for jewelry. So I ordered the two things above from eBay. And I am debating on a black dress or a black top and legging combination. Also I need to pick out some new sandals to wear that day. So I know I want pastel and gold jewelry and black clothing. But the complete outfit is nowhere near finished. 

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