What is strength? 

Strength is measured in many ways, and most people get praise when they succeed. When they reach their goals they get praised for that. But I think their are people who deserve praise before reaching their goals. People who took a good turn and are on the path of success. People who work their hardest and kick ass doing it. Perhaps those people also deserve a little of praise, or just a lot of praise!

There is one girl that I know that is an inspiration to me, she is a person that is so sweet but is dealt some hard cards. And while she could give up, she keeps going. This girl took a bumpy road and even while most people would quit she kept going and she is still going. And is that not strength that deserves praise? I do think she deserves more praise then she gets at the moment. This girl is good to others, she helps others, she listens when you have worries, she cheers you up when you feel down and she motivates you when you need it. And she does that for me without even meeting me. She is an amazing friend without demanding anything in return.

Dear Healthy Happy Life/ Dutchfitwomen, you are amazing. And people should visit your blog here and see the amazing progress that you made at your instagram. This girl lost 18 kilograms and is still going strong! She is my inspiration and reason to not give up. And she deserves a shout out for that!

And I believe we all have those people in our lives, who motivate without asking and who are nice without wanting anything in return. So I would like to tell you, my lovely readers. If you have a person like that, tell them how great they are! And also I would really love to read in the comments who you see as your inspiration or who you look up to.

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