And we Dutch love orange!

With the world cup starting in less then a month, I have to prepare! I already have a few things wishlisted and I decided to share with you lovely people. From left to right we first have a thing that is Dutch only. In a few days Kruidvat will be selling this By Dani poncho and I really love the look of that thing. I do have to debate that the poncho really reminds me of mexico for some reason but that does not make me want to have it less. Then next to the Mexican inspired garment we have two pair of earrings. The above pair with feathers you can get at this link. I think those would be really cute with loose hair. The pair below that you can get here. I think those would be really nice with an up-do and my preference goes towards them. Then we have a watch here. Because you need to read the time in style. And last but not least orange lipstick by Rimmel.

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