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Hello dearling readers! I am very sorry about not blogging so much lately. I have been working my butt off at school and things have been hectic. But life is not only bad, I recently found the most amazing watch. It is dainty, cute and adorable. I normally am obsessed with giant big watches, but this watch is the complete opposite. But especially for spring and summer I think this is great. I am leaning towards the black one because black is my color next to lavender and anything neon. But I think the white one also looks very nice. I am thinking about buying the white one for my mom, the black one for myself and an other white one for my sister. But to be honest, I would buy 10 off these to give to friends. You can get get them here for only $2.89 that is round two euro. This would make the perfect gift for most girls. As you can hear I am over the moon for this watch, but what do you guys think? Leave it down below in the comments! 

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