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Recently I have been trying not to buy so much on eBay, of coarse I am failing at it but at least I am trying. I am trying to be more picky one what I order. So today is going to be a bit more expensive then you normally see in my eBay hauls. But I heard a lot of good things about these three items, so I decided to order them. The first is a necklace, I have seen so many pictures of this necklace in a different variation. I bought this candy colored statement necklace but many people have bought this version that only features the metal and white colored crystals. The next thing has been on my wishlist for ages, the bra you see pictured is like the most perfect bra I will ever find. I am not sure if it will fit because my boobs are huge. But I heard a lot of people say this bra falls true to size. Also it seems to push where it needs to push and it has wide straps. A big plus for me! Also I should note, the other two things might get a review on the site. The bra will not, at least I will not post pictures of me wearing it. Also it is very cheap for a bra. The next thing is something I need, a 20 piece makeup brush set. It is matte black with rose gold and looks really classy. I am really looking forward to getting these things. 

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