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Recently I ordered some things from eBay, some things that I 'need' and some things that I want. From left to right we have a reorder, the same tube I ordered ages ago and is almost finished. It is a 'must have' skincare product. This is the Daiso Japan black facemask. This mask is perfect for reducing imperfections and has a strong oil absorbing power thanks to the charcoal. Also it really reduces pores. I think it is perfect and only a few dollars for a tube that lasts a really long them. Then we have 10 rolls of nailart striping tape for only $0.99, I never tried this before but it somehow called my name. I think I can do a lot of nice things with this. Then we have a ring with my favorite stone, this is a Amethyst ring. Last but not least we have two headbands, one with silver flowers and one with fabric flowers. These are perfect when it is sunny outside and they look really cute. I can tell you these are going to be a hit this summer!

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