Silver key pendant

Lovely key not so lovely story! 

Recently I decided to visit the Dutch Jewelry store Lucardi to check out some jewelry. I always buy loads from Lucardi and I always get good service. But this day there was a new girl who went to help me. After wandering round the store I saw what I wanted, a little key pendant. But there where two kinds in the window the one that I bought and an other one. Because a card was covering the bottom of the key I decided to ask the shop lady if I could see both pendants because the card was blocking the bottom. But it seemed like I asked her a strange question because she noted "Are you planning on buying it? Because I am not opening the window for you if you are not buying it!" I was taken back by this response because I normally get good care from this store. Surely this girl could understand that I wanted to see the whole key before buying it? In the end I just shrugged it off and bought the key. I actually wanted an other ring but I decided against it because I was sure the girl would not be helpful with me trying on a few rings. So I payed for my key and left....

Not a good experience, but I did buy a lovely key pendant. It kind of reminds me of T&C

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