It is time to put some glasses on!

So the first rays of sun are already coming out and to be honest I already wore my sunglasses. But I have a love for unique sunglasses so I went to eBay to order some more. Starting from left to right we first have a pair of glasses that I have on and off my wishlist for ages now, These lovely glasses with arrow design are only $4 and I got them from that seller myself because they where the cheapest I could find. I ordered the floral design myself but they also have leopard, black, brown and pink. They next one is still a debate for me, these aviator glasses have mirrored glasses and I already own a blue pair but they have a load of colors here. Also only for 4 dollar. The next pair is a round, Lennon style glasses they look really pretty and kind of boho, I really think these are great but sadly enough they do not fit my face shape. And last a black pair with barok details. They are kind of fancy but really fitting for many outfits.
What is your favorite pair of sunglasses? 

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